Rob Lifford

Here we go.


So: for the past few years, when I’ve had the opportunities to perform my original music, I did it under the band name Helium Taxi, derived from the title of the first album I released. Those performances were already pretty sporadic, and then the pandemic of 2020+ pretty much brought them to complete halt. So, in 2022 when I got ready to release Rose’s Crossing, I released it under my own name, and now that I’m putting Pursuit out into the world, it seems like time to conclude once and for all that I won’t be doing all that much performing of the original material, so I might as well retire the band name and just start promoting music as Rob Lifford again.

And so that’s why you’re reading this post (thanks, btw) on I’m really happy to say that with the launch of the website I’m releasing the best music I’ve worked on so far: please check out Pursuit and let me know what you think.

One more thing: I’ve decided to start making a point to talk to some of my favorite musicians and learn more about how they do their work. I listen to a lot of music podcasts, and I often find myself asking follow-up questions in my head about how the artists practice their craft, and why they make some of the choices they make. And so that’s why today I’m also introducing the Musical Pursuits podcast. I’m not sure how often I’ll manage to produce an episode, but even if episode #1 winds up being the only one, it will have been worth the trouble, because I got to speak with one my all-time favorites: guitarist Grant Gordy.

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